Friday, 27 December 2013

Work in progress

Delighted to report that decorating work has resumed - although we are now freezing because the windows are wide open while the paint dries on the window frames - an unwanted hazard of decorating in winter I guess. I keep telling myself it will be worth will be worth had better be worth it!

I am still no nearer to a definitive layout. I have a couple of options outlined and on paper they look good...but since furniture is not made of paper I fully expect there will be things I did not consider in my calculations and we will end up shuffling things round a few times before we get it right....but we will get it right.

I have had to add a work stool to my list of things I need to buy...I currently have two in here, one is a basic rather ancient wooden thing from Ikea, and the other a padded seat gas lift height adjustable thingy on wheels. It is really comfy...or should I said it was really comfy...but it seems to have run out of gas and keeps slowly sinking towards the floor. It was funny at first but after the tenth time it gets a bit new stool it is.

I was thrilled that although Santa did not bring me any crafting goodies at all (no doubt he knows I already have way too much stuff and that is why I need this new craft room) I have been promised as much small storage as my heart desires and I did get some lovely small storage items for Christmas...

including this fabulous Vera Bradley desk organiser  - which I love but the picture doers not do it any justice at all. It really is lovely.

 and this super storage box with magnetic closure (both among the fab pressies from my lovely Mum) and they will feature in my new craftroom along with other bits and pieces I have been accumulating with the revamp in mind.

I am hoping that the white walls  and neutral wood tones will make perfect sense and that the colours in the room will come from the  various  small storage options and from the stash itself.  If I close my eyes I can see row after row of glass jars containing buttons and ribbons in every hue... Heaven!

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