Friday, 27 December 2013

Tied with pink ribbon

It is December and it is cold...and wet...and having windows wide open into the evening is not fun. Hubby wanted (needed) to shower off the paint but it was so cold up here he was hunting for a solution to hold the door closed...all the door furniture was removed for the painting process and the wind was howling round the door and banging it against the frame but all he had  to hand was tape which would peel off the fresh paint....he tried thread but of course that was not strong enough...and then it dawned on him that I have an extensive ribbon collection...

Not sure that he needed to choose a pale pink satin ribbon for the task but hey ho it does the job...threaded through the hole where the handle usually goes and tied to the next door along the landing it really does the trick...especially once I popped a card  'shim' under the door base too...

I guess it just goes to demonstrate that desperate times call for desperate measures... and when all else fails tie it up with pretty pink ribbon!

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