Sunday, 22 December 2013

White space

It is really strange to go into the new space is so white...and I LOVE  it!!! White ceiling, white coving, white walls, white doors, white skirtings....Truly a blank canvas.

It looks great to me but hubby insists it needs another coat of paint so I bow to his superior  decorating knowledge and paintbrush power and will wait (rather impatiently) for the paint to dry...

In the meantime my current craftroom is a complete tip... nothing new there of course - but the comparison is stark.

Today I finally finished the last of my Christmas cards and all the Christmas crafting stuff has been packed away.

I have a few more birthday cards to make and a couple of other small projects to finish but apart from the things needed to do those  (because I would go crazy without any crafting to do)  I will be packing everything else  (bar the essentials) in the next 24 hours and shipping it out of the way.

The recycling team come early tomorrow so I am gathering up as many scraps as I can find to get them out of the way.

I hate packing up all my pretty papers and flowers and (gasp) my stamps and inks... it seems cruel to box them up when they are crying out to be used... but I keep telling myself how wonderful it will be when this is all done....and at  least we will have things to keep us busy  during the boring parts of the festive season.

Onwards ever onwards...

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