Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Will that ever really come in handy?

The past couple of days have been quite something...we have trawled through loads and loads of 'stuff'...old files, old photos, lots of half finished craft projects, three boxes of scrap paper  and a ton of household boxes that my inner meanie would not let me throw out...

Lots of 'stuff' thankfully did not make the cut to storage and ended up in the charity shop, the recycling or in some cases the bin... I mean do I really need to keep that many cereal boxes? Its not like they stopped putting cereal in boxes or we gave up eating cereal...

One of the (many) upsides to all this sorting is that I have found things I thought were lost... some of which have been replaced  (heat gun being a prime example) but that's all good because now I have a back up...and lets face it you simply can't have too many craft tools.

I am not sure if I am ready to admit to quite how much brand new still its its unopened packaging stuff I have unearthed... but there is a fair bit and I probably do not NEED to buy  another thing until this time next year... like that is going to happen... update on progress... the room is empty, shelves and light fittings and curtain rods and blinds have all been removed. Dustbunnies have been chased out and everything has been cleaned in readiness for paint.

There is newspaper taped to the windows  for privacy ( we live in the city, houses are close to each other), the holes where shelves used to be have been filled in and sanded smooth. Dust sheets have been taped to the floor and the step ladder, Henry hoover and the obligatory black bag for rubbish along with the painting kit of brushes, rollers, paint tray etc have all taken up residence in the room

And there has been  some actual painting (YAY!!!!) not much but its a start.

Mister I can get all the upstairs  rooms done before Christmas no problem has had to admit that is not going to happen...but he still maintains the new craft room should be ready for furniture by Sunday... we shall see.

While he paints, I plan how I will lay out the new room... the possibilities are endless and I am in hog heaven just thinking about it. It may not end up being THE perfect craft room but it will be as near as I can get it to MY perfect craft room....happy days....

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