Sunday, 29 December 2013

No such thing as too much stash?

I have always maintained there can be no such thing as too much crafting stash...but as I pack away all my stuff for the big move to the new craft room I am starting to think oh my goodness...where did all this stuff come from? 

So I think it is inventory time. I have already found doubles of BIGZ dies  and  I will need to sell the new and unused version at some point but since these are  Xmas related dies, and we are only just heading towards the New Year,  now does not seem to be a good time to list them... unless I plan to practically give them away...and I do not have any plans for that just now... I am sure that as I set up the new room I will find other doubles and quite a few things I don't and probably won't use  and I can have a sale at some point.

It is going to take about a week or so to transfer the rooms over. The painting is finally finished in the new craft room and it looks really fresh and bright. I can barely wait to get in there... but because modern inner city homes have zero space to store things when decorating, we have to get this room set up at pretty much the same time as we populate the craft room. It is going t be a challenge and chaos will no doubt reign as usual. I am optimistic that we will get it finished soon..hubby goes back to work on 2nd January and the work rate will seriously drop when that happens...

Back to packing for me....

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