Saturday, 14 December 2013

Lessons learned

We have been the craft room revamp route before and it didn't quite work out...The first time it was a surprise project started by my husband and he ditched two full height cupboards and replaced them with a bookcase... which while it looked lovely, was never going to work when we tried to put everything back. You really cannot fit a gallon into a pint pot...and believe me we tried!

So what is different this time?

Firstly, the craftroom is moving. It is time to admit that I have outgrown the small room. We have a second spare room twice the size of this one.  It is going to became the new craftroom and this small room will be the guest room.

We have hired a storage unit and plan to store all non-essential stuff in there until the work is complete and then we can bring it all back a few boxes at a time and put it away. The storage unit is a time limited thing and this will help us keep our project on track.

So when does all this start?

Right now. Yep! With less than two weeks to Christmas we took our first load to the storage facility last night  and plan to move the rest of the stuff over there during this then the work proper can begin.

I will be taking some pics along the way and I know this is going to be a stressful process so  am keeping my eyes fixed firmly ahead and  am concentrating on the end result.

My new mantra is


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