Monday, 23 December 2013

Beaten - by an extra coat of paint...

As much as I wanted to believe it was possible, the new craft room  is not going to be ready in time for Christmas. The paint defeated us and in the end it took four coats to get perfect coverage...Of course it looks absolutely brilliant now but  the woodwork needs a second coat of gloss and the stormy weather is not helping any because we simply cannot leave the windows open to allow the paint to dry...

But our defeat is only temporary. I am using this gap in the proceedings to sort through some of things in my current craft room and I am trying my best to pack them in a logical manner that will help us when we come to populate the new room when it is finished.

Sorting through everything is a little bit like having a mini Xmas event all to myself. I have already discovered things I had long forgotten I owned  (some are still in their original packaging) and I am making a list of these things so that I can be sure to use them early in  the New Year. A craft room renovation project seems like a good time for an inventory check ..and maybe  not too far down the line I will need to hold the craft equivalent of a yard sale too...

I have been browsing the web getting lost in fabulous craftroom videos - many of them way bigger and far prettier and better equipped than anything I could ever dream of and not in the least practical in a central London home... and I have been looking at storage options until my eyes go blurry. I do not want to spend a fortune on specialized storage and plan to re-purpose as much stuff as I reasonably can. For months now I have been saving glass jars and practical containers so that I can put them to good use in my more organised craftroom. They have taken up residence on top of the wall cabinets in the kitchen and my husband was starting to despair at my growing collection. I know he will be delighted when I finally ask him to bring them down one more time so I can wash them again  and bring them up here. Then I just need to make labels and covers for the lids and they will be good to go.

I also have some files and folders ready...some are already prettified and others are still in desperate need of beautification but I plan to use up some of my long neglected patterned paper for this purpose.

The walls in the new craftroom may be white but there will be a riot of colour in there once it is filled up and ready for use.

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