Saturday, 25 January 2014

On the home stretch

At last I can see an actual craft room emerging from the chaos... but the process has meant that the one room that was completed and fit for purpose has now temporarily found itself full of stuff again as we curse the size of this central London house  and decide oh lets just pop this in there for a minute...

The tape measure has never seen so much action, but the end is in sight and  after three hours of moving things around, we think we have finalised the  layout for the new craft room. It was hard -  we already had so much of the furniture to work with  and needed to make that work in the new room...and we will I am sure.

We have decided to quit for tonight and look at it again tomorrow... of curse the real proof will be when  come to work in there... After weeks of craft room deprivation, I can't wait!

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