Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Proper craftroom day

Oh the weather outside is (still) frightful....  what better than to stay indoors in the warm and work on the craftroom reno.

I spent an hour or so surfing around gorgeous craft rooms on the web...all of which sent me running back and forth with tape measure in hand to see if I could do that... what am I like? (no need to answer!)

I had in my mind what my ideal craft room will look like when it is completely finished, but  my inner ditherer has emerged and I am horribly unsure that my sketchy plans will actually work...or will the best option...or any other self doubty thingy it can think of. Thankfully my husband is calm and funny and is both strong and patient and promises me it will be fine and it doesn't matter if I want things moved around a bit from the original (non-plan) plan... I wonder what qualifies as  a bit ...  and how far I can stretch that patience of his ...

Anyhow back to the non-plan plan.... The main idea I have (and I am still firmly set on) is that I want stations/zones for certain tasks with the tools/materials accessible right there in that zone... With space being limited (even when moving into double the space of the previous craft room)  there is also a limit to the number of zones I can achieve. I do an awful  lot of die cutting and embossing and a lot of stamping so these are my two main areas...along with a messy pit for the tasks involving those processes that get stuff everywhere...stuff like glitter and glue.

My other main concern is storage..I need tons of storage and more importantly I need it to work for me...which means that I have to be able to see the stuff and it has to make sense to me and how I craft.

Looking at the majority of the ooh wow craft rooms featured around the web most (if not all) of them are beautifully coordinated, with matching cabinetry and pretty decorative touches... they are almost all very neat.  That is not going to be my room....not ever, not in a million years...

My room is hopefully going to reflect me and my it will be a mix of functional and fun. The room is completely painted white...ceiling, walls, doors, window frames and skirting boards...its all bright white and sparkly clean (at the moment.. ) The floor is a warm light oak. I have intentionally chosen a complete mix of  assorted wood shades ranging from light beech to dark wood, with some black and white draw sets thrown in for good measure  and  I am hoping that the distinctions will define the zones and help me to organise my stuff ...and keep it organised.

But my blank canvas will not be stark...there will be colour...from storage options - a variety of pretty boxes and baskets and jars -  and  from the stash itself.... All the pretty papers, ribbons, fabrics, buttons and bows will be on display and will add colour.

But I am getting ahead of myself here... and I really should stop day dreaming about the end result and get on with putting the shelving units together and wiping off the dust-bunnies...

The weather outside can do what it likes..until I need to head to Ikea - and I will need to head there before too long... I am as happy as can be just pottering and dreamin'....

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