Monday, 24 February 2014

Electrical shocks

Imagine how daft we feel when we realised that although we had carefully planned and noted our need for electrical sockets around the room, we had neglected to put them in place before we finalised the layout and stacked goodies on all the shelves and filled all the drawers....

The electrical stuff was delivered today and we have sent hours moving  stuff again... and one we had all the wires connected to the sockets and put the units back we realised we had not accounted for the increased depth of plug sockets once loaded...sigh!

Now it may be just us being super dense, and anyone reading this may roll their eyes at our lack of planning...but if we cannot be a shining example we may as well be a  horrible warning...If our mistakes help someone else in future than great.... But next time I mention doing anything remotely like this again, please remind me I need to get the professionals in because this is way above our pay grade!

Of course this little glitch has meant that the tallest units are a little more forward than we had hoped and  now really have to be secured to the wall. Hubby is of curse thrilled at the extra work...but he is easily bribed with pizza and this will be done by the end of the day.

I love that I now have extra sockets...lots of them...maybe its time to get some new tools ;)

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